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About El-Tomouh Company.
Eltomouh Arabi Company was founded in 1992 by Mr. Abo Baker Alanizi (Chairman of the Board's financial). Beside other businesses and activities from 1952. Eltomouh Company is specialized in importation and distribution of food stuff. On the basis for searching for partners and suppliers globally all over the world, to provide the products and goods of high quality, at a reasonable prices.

Company Structure
Eltomouh Company has an agreement with international suppliers with a high reputation, in the dairy products and others, to provide the product always. For that it was arranged and agreed for Eltomouh Company, to be the distributor and the agent in Libya. And Alhamdalah we have won the confidence and the trust of our main clients.

The Company's strategy is guided by essential principles, and energetic team of professional people. The Company's priority is to bring the best and most relevant products to people, whatever their needs, throughout their lives. Eltomouh Company always attempts to be at the level of competition, and seeks for the confidence of the people all the time.

Let us join together for common interest, to meet the challenges of a new era.
El-Tomouh Al-Arabi Company’s ambition is the high contribution, which was created in 1992 in Benghazi. The company has branches in Tripoli, and we have extended our reach in all regions in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The company specialized in marketing, distributing, and food storage. We seek to meet the requirements of market, domestic of food products of high quality, and reasonable prices.

El-Tomouh Al-Arabi Company, is not very old by age, but very active in business, as in a short span of time, it established it’s own out-lets as Wholesale Points, in big cities of Libya. In state-of-the-art, comprising an energetic team of professional people, and transport fleet of 50 vehicles and trucks. After the completion of its first decade, El-Tomouh Al-Arabi Co, became a nationwide company, by affiliating some Sales Representative Offices, with its Sales Network, based on different towns of Libya, to meet the great local demand, as most of the big Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Five Star Hotels, Oil Companies, Airlines Campiness, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Pharmacies, and many other more are our regular Clients. As a result of the last year, the annual turn- over embraced the target of 24 million Libyan Diners.

Considering the importance of storage of food products, and raw materials, the company has established branches for providing cold ,and dry storage services, in accordance with the Libyan Arab, and international standards for food, and food storage. In an agreement with all international local laws, and regulations on food and environment safety. In order to offer comprehensive services, and to contribute to the prosperity of the national economy.
Growth and development:
El-Tomouh Al-Arabi Co has grown increasingly since its beginning, and a large percentage of annual expansion of 25%. El-Tomouh Al-Arabi Co are marketing, and distributing the trade names of the following: Products of :
Arla Company Foods ( Dano milk ), Adamexpo Company (Tea Adam ) Hochwald Company ( Milcow Milk ) Tulip Company ( Mortadella, Meat) Pinar Company (Labaneh ,Cheese, Milk) In addition, to a range other various products, such as Vegetable oils, Basmati Rice, Spices, and many other products.
Company goals
Marketing and distributing the products to all cities across the company's branches. Positioned in most cities by a dedicated team, and a coach in a scientific manner, using modern motor companies, and processed in an agreement with the universal conditions, and laws for food safety, also the conditions of storage, and transportation.
The philosophy of our company:
Based on the slogan " The Welfare And Interest " requires the company ,since its beginning to cover the needs of the local markets, with food products of high quality, and reasonable prices. And it has been providing a wide variety of products suitable with the needs, requirements, and tastes of all customers.
At every step during the growth and development. We set our goals to gain our customers confidence, through the achievement of satisfaction, and to make the most out of the value to the customer, compared to the rate paid.
We choose the product carefully before putting it into the market, we believe that most of the customers nowadays are looking for variety, and innovation as far as tasks are eager to get healthy, and natural product.