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The company is involved in the following business sectors:
Distribution, Market Study, Consumer Survey,
Sales Planning, Merchandising, Client Service,
Sales Promotion Activities, Daily Activity Analysis,
Cold Storage Facility, Stand-by Transport,
Food division, Medical division, Oil supplies divisions,
An approach of coordination is held between these independent business units.
Distribution & Stand-by Transport
Our transportation and distribution convoy of mini vans. Vans and trucks are capable of moving around in all destinations throughout Libya. Serving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our products are advertised and distributed to all cities, by a specialized well trained team, using modern vehicles prepared in accordance to international standards and laws on food safety. storage and transportation.
Sales Promotion Activities
Market Study
Cold Storage & Ware Houses
Benghazi Cold Storage
Cooling Range of ± 20°c
Storage area 400 square meters
  Tripoli Cold Storage
Cooling Range of ± 20°c
Storage area 150 square meters
  Tripoli Warehouse
Area : 1500 m²
Located 25 Minutes Drive from The Main Market
  Benghazi Warehouse
Area : 2750 m²
Located 15 Minutes Drive From The Main Market